Team Coastal

My name is Austin Olsen and my true passion in this world is creating videography works that are beautiful, lively and most of all entertaining.  So with the help of my lovely girlfriend and business counterpart Mary we formed Coastal Creations Video. We are a video production company based in St. Augustine, Florida that goes above and beyond to provide you with a beautifully shot and edited piece of audio visual art.   My experience in the videography world comes from my four years at a prestigious video production school, my many years working as an assistant cameraman for an award winning production company based out of Ocala, FL and my own personal videography projects I submit to youtube just for fun.  I would love the opportunity to film your wedding, business, band, event or whatever else.  We use multiple state of the art high definition Canon cameras that take beautiful High def 1080p footage, a phantom 3 drone to capture stunning aerial views, a Gopro Hero 4 black that is used to get incredible time lapses and amazing vantage points and external microphones and recorders which help make your audio crystal clear.  Let us show you the awesome power of videography!

Call or text us at 352.875.6761 or  email us at